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Starview Drive Update

Now that closure permit was issued on 10/12, 7 day notice boards have gone up the same day the permit was issued and the closure will begin 10/19. Work will commence with tree clearing and grubbing in the grading limits of the phase 1 work area (just north of the hairpin turn of Starview Drive) this week followed by the site grading then utility work to follow, which will be simultaneous due to the extreme nature of the hillside. Site stabilization in the area north of the hairpin of Starview Drive will complete phase 1 of this phase of the project. The anticipated re-opening of Starview Dr. is 12/28. It is difficult to be really specific with dates as weather will play the biggest factor in how quick or slowly the work proceeds.

I understand the closure and work can be very inconvenient for the residents but the developer did indicate they received a lot of push from residents to get this work done as soon as possible. So we are trying as hard as we can to complete the work as timely as possible by starting part of the project this fall to get a head start.