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Map Your Neighborhood

“Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN) is program to connect neighbors in disaster preparation. Knowing your immediate neighbors, what skills they possess, and what needs they may have readies you and those around you to react effectively in an emergency.

Implementation of MYN in the Warm Springs Mesa is jut beginning. The Mesa has been divided into “pods” of about 20 houses, each with a captain or co-captains to facilitate gathering and disseminating information. Please help! Your participation is vital and may help save lives and property during a disaster.

Resources for the “Pod Squad”

MYN captains and co-captains are the “Pod Squad.” Here are links to important MYN resources:

MYN pod map

MYN maps with enlarged pod images

MYN Discussion Guide

OK-HELP signs

MYN videos (YouTube)

Please email the Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Association at with questions.

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