Notice of Hearing – Aug 4, 2014 at 6pm
Boise City Planning & Zoning has published a Notice of Hearing DRH14-00187/ The Richardson Design Partnership, for the evening of August 4, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Boise City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, for the City’s approval of a multi-family development project which the Harris Family Ltd. Partnership is appealing.

The Project consists of a single-story clubhouse; three (3), three-story 24-plex apartment buildings; two (2), three-story 12-plex apartment buildings; four (4), single-story garage buildings and one, 20-bay storage building located at 2950 E. Parkcenter Blvd. in an SP-02 (Barber Valley Specific Plan) zone. A study of the area map puts this site on the north side of Parkcenter Blvd. just before crossing the Parkcenter Bridge.

Any questions regarding this item should be directed to Sarah Schafer at 384-3830 or at sschafer@cityofboise.org Be sure to address your responses to DRH14-00187.

Notice of Graffiti Damage Court Case
The WSM Neighborhood Board President, received a notice from the Ada Co. Prosecuting Attorney, Greg Bower, in today’s (7/22/14) mail outlining an upcoming case: State of Idaho vs. M. A. for malicious injury to property/Graffiti Damage ( Case number CR-FE-2014-7124).

Specifically the letter seeks to notify any potential victim(s) for graffiti related damages occurred in early Spring 2014 and who realized out of pocket expenses for damages and who would like to seek restitution. The Coordinator of our Neighborhood Watch had reported vandalism in the form of spray paint on one of the Neighborhood Watch signs on Starview Dr. and will be contacting the City seeking replacement and attachment.

We do not have any direct information on others who may have been victims of graffiti but want to announce this action and suggest that if you have been impacted that you contact Tomasine Sessions of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and request a LOSS STATEMENT – REQUEST FOR RETITUTION form. Her number is (208) 287-7797 and all requests must be submitted by 8/11/14 for consideration.

Boise Police Announcements

View June Crime Activity in Southeast Boise under section V5 here

Report Suspicious Activity
No police department can function effectively without the concerned assistance of responsible citizens so thank you! Law enforcement depends on you to call when you observe suspicious activity or behavior. Please do not feel that you are bothering the police. If it is unfounded then no harm done, but if it assists police then another crime is potentially solved or even prevented. If you report suspicious activity, consider the details – what, where, when, how; description of person, vehicle, and direction last seen.

Non-Emergency Dispatch 377-6790
Emergency Dispatch 911

Below is a media release referencing a robbery suspect and the help of good witnesses – another example of how your eyes and ears help make this a safe and livable community!
Officers track down robbery suspect with the help of good witnesses

How to prevent garage break-ins.
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The City of Boise’s Warm Springs Sewer project began on Monday, July 14. The project will require lane restrictions and/or full closures of Warm Springs Avenue at different times.
The project will affect traffic during the summer concerts at the Idaho Botanical Garden. See the information below to see how traffic will be rerouted and maintained during the concert events.
The work will be done in three phases spread out over a 6 month period:
PHASE 1 – Pioneer Cemetery to Adams Elementary (Varying lane restrictions and detours)
Scheduled Construction Timeframe: July 18, 2014 to October 24, 2014
PHASE 2 – Walling Drive to Warm Springs Golf Course (Full road closure)
Scheduled Construction Timeframe: July 14, 2014 to August 22, 2014
PHASE 3 – Warm Springs Golf Course to Starview Drive (Full road closure)*
Scheduled Construction Timeframe: Mid-September 2014 – Mid November 2014
*NOTE: Entire stretch of road will not be closed at once during this phase.
The dates are subject to change. For the latest detour plans and project updates, visit City of Boise Public Works

Nextdoor.com – Social Network for our Neighborhood (Click to watch intro video)Thousands of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor to build happier, safer places to call home. The Warm Springs Mesa and other close-by neighborhoods have subscribed to the plan. We encourage each household to click on the link and become a member of the Mesa Nextdoor.com group. (Click here to join)

Warm Springs Mesa Fire Wise Report – January 2014

Attached (see links below) are the most recent of BLM reports on the Fuels Reduction activities that we have been engaged in here on the Mesa with the technical support of the BLM and the SW Idaho RC&D Council providing fiscal oversight.

Please note that the Quail Testing site for the control of sage brush (above the Park) does not show up in this report and the number of chipping and fuel removal projects funded by the City of Boise either through Reinvestment Grants or Mini Grants (2009 – 2013) are separately funded and therefore are not reflected here.
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Click below to view additional files mentioned in report:
Attachment 1 Attachment 2,   Attachment 3

Ridge to Rivers Ranger program. 
Your MNA Board is posting this information on behalf of the trail system and we hope that some of you will be interested in helping out.  From our Neighborhood Surveys the trail system has always held a top interest for many living here on the Mesa.   Ridge to Rivers is seeking volunteers to serve as Rangers.
For joining or additional information please contact David Gordon at dgordon@cityofboise.org or 493-2531.